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rat pest control

What are the clear signs of a Rat infestation?

It can be challenging to spot rats because they are nocturnal and crepuscular (active between dawn and twilight) creatures. However, there are a few symptoms that could mean you are seeing rat activity and need assistance. These may consist of:

Rat droppings are the most visible indicator of a rat problem because an average rat can leave up to 40 brand-new droppings per day. They are often the same length as a 1p coin and taper.
Rats emit a distinct, disagreeable odour both when they are living and when they are dead. A dead rat’s smell is much stronger and can persist for up to 10 days without being removed, making it easier to see a living rat in a compact location like a loft.

Rats are creatures of habit, so when they travel, they often take the same route. Wear on the grass could be a clue that there is an infestation in a garden. Without the right care, this issue will only become worse.

Nests: To build a nest, rats look for warm, hidden, dark spots. Rats can have up to 6 cycles per year and an average litter can contain well over 7 young. The loft, beneath floorboards, behind bath panels, or even below decking in the garden are examples of common hiding places.

Problems associated with Rats

Leptospriosis: often known as Weil’s sickness, is a bacterial infection that can induce flu-like symptoms in its mildest form. Humans can contract it from contaminated soil or water. The more dangerous and extremely rare form of this bacterium may cause complications that are fatal.

Salmonella: Rats are frequently carriers of the illness salmonellosis, which can be contracted by people and any household pets through contact with animal waste and tainted food. Both humans and animals may die as a result of this, which can induce gastroenteritis.

Rat-bite Fever: As the name suggests, this illness is most frequently contracted after being bitten by a rodent, although it can also be contracted by coming into touch with urine or secretions from an infected rat’s nose, mouth, or eye. There were chills and a fever as symptoms.

Musophobia: Some people experience a terrible repulsion at the mere sight of a rodent at their residence, place of business, or place of employment. Even sadness, stress, and other anxiety disorders may result from this.

rat pest control

How to get rid of Rats?

If you have a rodent infestation, quick rat control treatment is crucial. Due to the three week gestation period, even the tiniest issue could quickly become a significant one, increasing the risk to your health as well as the overall cost of treatment.

Farnborough Pest Control can provide a secure pest management call out service to assist you in solving your rat problem.

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“Gareth was excellent; he arrived the same day, was knowledgeable and professional, and the task was completed quickly and efficiently.”
“10/10 would recommend! We had a wasp nest that had been a problem for a couple of weeks. We decided to contact Farnborough Pest Control and they were so helpful.”
“When Gareth gave us advice on a mouse issue we were having, I felt in the best possible hands because of his outstanding efficiency and knowledge.”

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In these locations, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and highly skilled services to our valued clients. Our diverse range of offerings includes integrated programs for managing pests, efficient measures for clearance and control, focused efforts on complete elimination, and valuable instruction on pest awareness. If you find yourself uncertain about our ability to address a specific pest issue, please don’t hesitate to enquire, as the chances are high that we have the expertise to assist you. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to providing the support you need.

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